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Bed Bug Inspections and Extermination

Bed bugs are known for causing psychological and financial damage. Bed bugs are notorious hitchhikers that have become infamous across the country for infesting homes, apartments, hotels and businesses. This minuscule pest prefers dark, small spaces in close proximity to a human host where they can get a blood meal which is why they are often found infesting a mattress, box spring, headboard, or furniture. Unlike cockroaches, bed bugs can thrive in the most cleanly of environments, in extreme temperatures and are even capable of going months without a meal. Even though bed bugs are not known to spread disease, their bite does cause allergic reactions in approximately 30% of people. A bed bug infestation will lead to sleepless nights and a potential nightmare infestation due to bed bugs rapid reproduction rate.


Bed Bug Control and Removal

Bed bugs are also notorious for being incredibly challenging to eradicate without the help of a pest control professional, simply because they are so difficult to locate and effectively treat. Bed bug bites are also often confused with other pest bites, such as spiders and fleas, which is why a bed bug infestation can often grow rapidly without the property owner being aware. It is also almost never necessary to throw away infested furniture and various treatment options are available for home and business owners to eliminate this irritating pest. If you suspect your home or business is subject to a bed bug infestation, please learn more about Romar Pest Control‘s bed bug inspection and removal services. Do not hesitate to call Romar Pest Control today for a free evaluation.

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