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Identifying Ant Species in Nebraska; Black Carpenter Ants

Nebraska is home to over 275 different species of insects and the most common insect that Nebraska home owners will come into contact with is the house ant. Ants are the most common household insect in the United States and invade more homes every year than any […]

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Poisonous Black Widow & Wolf Spider Control

While Nebraska is known for its vast amount of corn fields that flourish throughout the state, there are a group of smaller living organisms that may not be known to even the most faithful corn husker. While most spiders found in Nebraska are harmless, there are some […]

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Commercial Pest Control for your Office or Business

Whether you run a diner or are managing an apartment complex, you need to hire a pest control company that specifically offers commercial pest management services to best suit the ever changing needs of your business. No matter the type of company that you own or manage, […]

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Disease Spreading Bed Bugs

Unfortunately bed bugs are a year round problem and not just found in hotel and motel rooms. There have been outbreaks reported at schools, fire stations, movie theaters as well as apartment complexes and homes. That means that more and more people are experiencing problems with bed […]

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Cooler Weather Rodent Issues

If you have heard the scurrying of little paws this Autumn in your garage, attic or walls, you may have a rat or mice infestation. When your home or business is facing a rodent control problem, look no further than Romar Pest Control for the solution. Rats, mice and […]

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4th of July “Fun” with Mosquitoes

The 4th of July is a great time for outside activities, especially the night activities with fireworks.  With the amount of rain we saw in the month of June in Kearney, NE., Grand Island, NE., and Hastings, NE. there is going to be an abundance mosquitoes this […]

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Termites in Franklin, Nebraska

Since 1974 Romar Pest Control has been the leader in termite control for Franklin, Nebraska. Homes in Franklin Nebraska have a very high risk factor of termite infestations because of the number of termite colonies near the Republican River and the number of termite colonies living in […]

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The American Dog Tick

The Midwest faces a variety of pest control problems due to widely varying weather and climate, and since the area is largely made up of farm lands, pest control is a pressing concern. For the agricultural community at large, pests such as soybean aphids, spider mites, bean […]

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World’s Most Dangerous Insects

A hornet that sprays flesh melting acid? An ant who’s bite is comparable to being shot? An insect that is capable of liquefying its preys inside? Science fiction? Unfortunately, no. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the world’s most terrifying insects and the deadliest insect […]

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