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World’s Most Dangerous Insects

hornetA hornet that sprays flesh melting acid? An ant who’s bite is comparable to being shot? An insect that is capable of liquefying its preys inside? Science fiction? Unfortunately, no. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the world’s most terrifying insects and the deadliest insect worldwide; it may surprise you. Giant Japanese Hornets don’t just spray poison that destroys red blood cells. They’re also capable of flying up to 25 mph, traveling up to 62 miles a day and usually attack in groups. One hornet may not be very scary, but in swarms they are responsible for an average of 40-50 deaths a year. Luckily, they are only local to Asia.

bullet-antBullet Ants, found in Nicaragua and Paraguay, are capable of being quite fearsome all on their own. According to the Schmidt Pain Index, (created by entomologist Justin Schmidt who was willingly stung by 150 different insects in the name of science) the sting of the Bullet ant is the most severe in the world. He described it as, “fire-walking over flaming charcoal with a 3-inch rusty nail grinding into your heel,” and many say it’s as bad as being shot.

african-assissin-bugThe African Assassin Bug tends to liquefy the insides of its prey with venom that is 10 times more poisonous than that of a cobra. Not only is it deadly, it’s also cunning, covering itself in the bodies of its previous kills as camouflage. Other bugs will try to eat the carcasses and that’s when the assassin bug attacks.

The Assassin Bug may be terrifying to other insects, but deadly? You certainly don’t want to get stung by a Bullet Ant, but they are seldom deadly. The giant hornets are deadly, killing dozens every year, but not in comparison to the African Assassin Bug. Due to the spread of Chagas disease, Assassin Bugs cause 14,000 deaths annually. But this number still pales in comparison to the world’s most deadly insect.

mosquitoIt is in fact the ubiquitous mosquito that holds the title of the world’s most deadly insect. The mosquito kills an average of 2 million people a year, with 70% of its victims under the age of five. Mosquitoes spread malaria, so while they seem merely irritating, they are in fact more dangerous than all of the other “scary” insects in the world combined. Please don’t hesitate to contact Romar Pest and Termite Control if you have any pest concerns (common or uncommon!).

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